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At Brascia’s Tailors, we uphold the traditions of sartorialism, from precise measurements and cutting to meticulous sewing and attention to detail. With decades of shared values and personalized service, we have earned the loyalty and satisfaction of our clients. 

We offer clothing and fabrics from renowned manufacturers worldwide, providing functional, comfortable, and stylish garments without compromising on quality. For over 46 years, our passion for sartorial traditions has empowered men to embrace their finest selves. 

Visit us and witness the pride and dedication we pour into every garment we create.


Read through our testimonials and be inspired by the stories of satisfied customers who have benefited from our products and services.

I went to Brascia to buy a suit for my wedding and Russell helped me out. Ended up being very happy with how the suit turned out and will be back!
Graeme Christopher
I had forgotten to review Brascia's! But we've had only great experiences with them. My now husband has had 3 suits made there. (By Russell) one of the suits was for our wedding. They had a great deal at the time and the price was very reasonable. Cannot recommend them any higher!
Marisol C
Visited here a couple of times and enjoyed all of my purchases! I bought a fantastic rain jacket and a suit for a Christmas party in 2021. Also purchase some high rise sneakers that I love. Love the brands, the service and really the entire experience. One of the best spots in Vancouver!
Grant Atwood
It was such a pleasure working with Mike! Great taste of fashion and I was able to get a double breasted blazer which I wanted for a long time.
wangbohai Wu
Knowledgeable, and experienced, best shop in town for all your needs - dress shirts, made to measure suit, accessories, you name it. Thanks Mike.
Tony Bae
Brascia Tailors is one of the best shops in Vancouver for men's attire! My father has been shopping at this store and every piece he has is absolutely beautiful including the recent winter sports blazer he just got! The quality of professionalism, honesty and quality you get from the whole entire Brascia team is absolutely phenomenal! I highly recommend all men should visit this shop for there wardrobe needs! Also Ladies if your looking for a nice gift for your loved ones, this is the place to visit.
Karen Rai
Brascia's does some amazing tailoring. They took a pair of pants that were too small for me and made them bigger and they look amazing. Saved me a couple hundred dollars and were able to finish tailoring the pants under a tight deadline as I am leaving the country. The staff are polite and very knowledgeable.
Jakeb Jonas
Incredible service, excellent selection, great value on Canadian-made high quality suits.I was looking for a suit to wear to my wedding, and I heard from a friend that Brascia's Tailors would be a good spot to check out. My fiance and I walked in at opening on a weekday morning and were greeted by a wonderful employee named Russell. He gave us a quick overview of the different options available from off-the-rack/tailored to bespoke, and once I explained that I wanted to stay at the low end of their price range, he provided a bunch of options to try on. I really liked that Russell's emphasis was on finding a suit that fit well, rather than just trying to upsell. After spending an hour trying on the different options, I narrowed it down to one suit, which Russell graciously put on hold for me for 48hrs as I wanted to think on it a bit more before purchasing (this was because although it was the least expensive suit in the place, it was still over my budget by a decent amount... first time suit shopper here!). After much consideration and crunching of numbers, I decided that due to overall budget restrictions, I needed to purchase the cheaper suit I had previously found elsewhere which was obviously of a lesser quality, but did also fit me well. I called Russell back to let him know that I wouldn't be moving forward with the suit he had put on hold, and he was extremely understanding, and happy for me that I found something elsewhere that would work for my budget. I won't forget the incredible customer service exhibited by Russell and will certainly visit Brascia's again for a suit when my budget allows. I highly recommend that you visit the store and see what they have to offer!
Nigel Boeur